The beauty of synthetic ambient music

In the opening lecture of Craig Write’s Listening to Music course at Yale, he mentions a popular reason for listening to classical music: its capacity to envision a better world. Everyday life may… Continue reading

FKA Twigs, Live in Bristol

In October 2014, I watched FKA Twigs perform in Bristol’s Trinity Centre.  I wrote a review of it to go with a couple of photos I took on the night, but at that… Continue reading

Homophobia in Clubs

‘… there was one where we played in Phoenix, and it was a weird day in fact, because they had a lot of political trouble there… it felt like a real gathering of… Continue reading

My Everyday Drug Problem

This article was originally published in the Living Section of Epigram, Bristol’s main student paper, which I edited in my last year of study. I’m in Shanghai, out with some locals. They hand… Continue reading

The Male Feminist’s First Step

This article was originally written for Bristol’s ‘Her Campus’ blog during my third year of study. Aziz Ansari’s show Master of None is attractive because it deals with a variety of issues relevant… Continue reading

The Shazam Diaries: Shanghai

Do you remember the first time you heard your favourite song, or your favourite artist? Where you were, how healthy you felt, who you were dating? For the most-part I find the answer… Continue reading

Loud Places

The first time I listened to the track above, I was sat on the sofa in my house, with my eyes shut, a drink in my hand, and one of my friends silently… Continue reading

Give Your Ear For a Second, A Life Changing Decision

When presenting his last show after 13 years at Radio 1, Zane Lowe was faced with every dj’s simultaneous dream and nightmare; presenting a playlist that summed up and wrote off his entire experience… Continue reading

Childish Gambino, Live in Brixton

In the realm of pop culture journalism, one gimmick which can be horribly irritating or occasionally useful is the use of years as adjectives. ‘That’s so 2014’ implies that something could only have… Continue reading

Brian Blessed and Kanye West

I recently saw Kanye West at Wireless festival in London. Due to the midcity location his set had to end far earlier than I would have liked, and he spent about 10 minutes of… Continue reading