A conversation I enjoyed hearing

I recently saw Arcade Fire at Hyde Park live. They were very good, i had an interesting experience, but anyway, screwdat, I’m not writing a review here. (actually, I think I might start publishing my own reviews on this blog, I’ve always been obsessed with rating things and explaining why my ratings are right)

After the concert, I was walking on the wonderfully simple path from Hyde Park to Green Park tube station (of course it seemed like a labyrinth to me at the time, I asked roughly 156,894 people for directions) and overheard a pair of big bloke-ish men talking in thick London accents.

It went like this “-well yeah, and i went in and I saw the lead singer [of arcade fire] had a stupid half-shaved haircut, and thought to myself, ‘oh yeah they must just be the usual indie guitar shit’ and then i watched the set, and they turned out to be fucking amazing!”

I thought it was so cool that Arcade Fire’s music’s pure quality transcended this yobbish yob’s opinions on indie, and converted him, even though the kind of “indie guitar shit” he was talking about was probably a bunch of bands I quite like.