50 Second Single Reviews: Planningtorock – The One

Planningtorock is a female singer. You wouldn’t guess this from her press shots, singing style and album artworks though; she wears a vast amount of makeup, including a prosthetic nose, that makes her look like a character from Pan’s Labrinth, and uses voice-modulators to aid her eary delivery. She is essentially obsessed with being androgynous, and she captures this perfectly on The One, the most impressive cut from her last album ‘W’. The lyrics describe the idea of being in love in the most simple, naked way, as she steers clear of any complex adjectives that could narrow down the experience; “I don’t want to fight it, I want to love it” and are backed by an ever-evolving wall of violins and organic-sounding synths, which work perfectly as a metaphor for the complex, changeable fascinating idea of love.