The good, the bad and the ugly… songs named ‘Radio’

Good: Ed Sheeran Ft JME – Radio

One of Sheeran’s best songs, down to the fact that it doesn’t rely on either of his gimmicks (white boy ‘rapping’ and loop pedal usage) or overtly simplistic love metaphors, but instead simply sticks to his guns of honest lyricisms and the kind of hiphop stylings that won’t upset your mother. Of course it’s bolstered by involvement of the best mc in Britain, who raps and SINGS, along with the wonderful irony that not long after this song was released, it became almost impossible to find a radio station undominated by Ed’s music.


Bad: Alesha Dixon – Radio

I would love for Alesha Dixon to be the British alternative to Beyonce, I really would; she’s charismatic, painfully attractive and has a hotwire link to middle-class-land due to her Strictly Come Dancing success, which is not something many modern popstars can claim to. But the sad thing is, her voice really just isn’t very strong, and this is an example of one of the many lukewarm ballads she’s released over the years that fails to inspire any emotion in the listener due to the over-layered chorus vocals.

Ugly: Robbie Williams – Radio

Pop music in the 00s was plain weird at times. This post-megafame 2004 single from Williams (which still managed to hit No.1) plays on precariously odd drugs metaphors such as “He puts an “e” in the arsenal A comb in my ‘fro” whilst the music video was even more outlandish, involving a snake bursting out of William’s trousers, in what must be the least subtle cock-joke in any music promo ever. The sound of an enormously rich, successful pop artist wondering how far out he can push the boat whilst still selling records.