Clarify Your Love

What happened to British Indie Rock? Music journalists seem to have finally given up asking this question, probably because a lot of British music that’s followed it has been so much more interesting.… Continue reading

It Hurts So Good

For people who think too much, the end of school and the start of university is a strange and occasionally terrifying time. Despite all the evidence to suggest it would never happen, your school… Continue reading

If It Wasn’t For You, I’d Be Alone.

One of my favourite songs right now (linked above) is Don’t Wait by Mapei. It’s exactly the kind of music I love listening to; a simple, pretty ode to friendship that uses flourishes… Continue reading

What are the Charts telling us?

As a music fan, a journalism enthusiast and a boy, I can’t help but tell myself that the Top 40 still matters. Bob The Builder has had a number 1 single earlier this… Continue reading

Fever to the Form

The inevitable has happened; I have reached the stage in my university career at which I feel compelled to write a blog post affected by something I heard in a lecture hall, between… Continue reading

The curious case of Petula Clark

Listen to the song above, and don’t read beyond this paragraph until you’ve finished. At a glance there is something slightly odd about it, a little extraordinary. It nearly fits in to the… Continue reading

Haunting Sounds

Why watch a film whose sole purpose is to scare you? As a child attending an international school in The Netherlands, I was the softer foil to my rebellious best friend, who got… Continue reading

Joey Tribbiani, the Secret Stoner

A recent edition of American music magazine Rolling Stone was themed around marijuana. It featured in-depth profiles on the stars of new stoner film This Is The End (it turns out that Jonah… Continue reading

Music Sounds Better With You

   A few months ago, I misheard a Passion Pit lyric. Whilst listening to I’ll Be Alright, a brilliant modern popsong which juxtaposes ecstatic music with melancholy mid-breakup dialogue, I mistook the lyrics… Continue reading

California Soul [Part 1]

For the last couple of weeks, I have been roaming through California on a family road trip. As is typical of an ungrateful middle class son such as myself, I spent the majority… Continue reading