What’s In A Name? Everything.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose | By any other name would smell as sweet” When Juliet said this back in the 50s or 60s (of the 1500s that… Continue reading

5 Minute Gig Reviews; Jack White

In the White Stripes’ heyday, their fans often bemoaned the constraints of Jack White’s creative output that his sister/ex-wife/something put on him; she was no great drummer, and people always wondered what Jack… Continue reading

5 Minute Gig Reviews: Mystery Jets

It’s the 19th of April, and Mystery Jets are ready for Brixton. On the 18th of May they will play their biggest ever headline show, and unleash their new album, Radlands upon five… Continue reading

Spector; showmanship AND good music.

It’s the 24th of August, I’m staggering around Reading festival in the mud, and I’ve lost my mates. In a few hours I’ll watch 30 Seconds to Mars on the main stage, a… Continue reading

Aiden Grimshaw’s Debut Single…

In terms of pop artists, it’s important to strike whilst the iron is hot; if you don’t manage to get your next major release out whilst you’re still in the public eye it’s… Continue reading

Lewis Floyd Henry Interview

I’m backstage with Lewis Floyd Henry after he’s just opened for The Strange Boys (a blues-rock band famous for their Skins-soundtracking hit “Be Brave”) at the Relentless Garage, and the venue’s sponsorship deal… Continue reading

The good, the bad and the ugly… popstars from Canada

There is a reason I dropped geography as a subject in school immediately I got the chance: my general knowledge about countries that aren’t named England is grievously poor. Name a country such… Continue reading

The good, the bad and the ugly… songs named ‘Radio’

Good: Ed Sheeran Ft JME – Radio One of Sheeran’s best songs, down to the fact that it doesn’t rely on either of his gimmicks (white boy ‘rapping’ and loop pedal usage) or overtly simplistic love… Continue reading

The perfect Beta Male

It seems clear that beta is the new alpha, when it comes to film and tv culture. Whilst it’s best for any young heterosexual man with good intentions, hoping to succeed in the… Continue reading

Why every band should aspire to be Ryan Gosling

Spector are a small, half decent indie band signed to Florence & the Machine’s record label, if you acknowledge the NME’s existence you’ll have probably heard of them, if you don’t when you… Continue reading