Bastille Interview

You could make a fair case for Bastille being the most exciting new artist in Britain right now. Do they have secrecy? No. Have they invented some new genre of music, or are… Continue reading

Nightbox Interview

 Nightbox haven’t happened yet. As of right now the world seems relatively oblivious to synth-pop troupe’s existence – other than having their deliciously catchy and energetic single Pyramid featured on Kitsune Maison’s ‘Indie… Continue reading

5 Minute Album Reviews: Casiokids – Aabenbaringen over Aaskammen

I recognise this is a naturally tricky blogpost, as a decent proportion of your allotted 5 minutes has probably already been taken up by deciphering the title and wondering how to pronounce it,… Continue reading

5 Minute Gig Reviews: Skrillex at Brixton

This was not your typical Brixton academy crowd. Skrillex has amassed a small group of hardcore fans over the last couple of years, most of which have conspicuous hairstyles, piercings and general disregard for… Continue reading

When did violence against men become fashionable?

Picture this as a music video promo. The artist is an attractive Aryan male popstar, with a strong jawline, blonde hair, good physique, etc, and the music is typical clubland drivel (that isn’t… Continue reading

The Perfect SeriousFace Playlist

Is your life a film? You may aswell assume it is – a poorly written one at that – and that the reason you’re undergoing any hardships right now is simply because you’re… Continue reading

The 4-step guide to becoming a single romantic.

This guide is intended for any gentlemen reading my blog who have been single for a decent amount of time and want advice on how to keep it that way and do so… Continue reading


 Olek is an artist, whose work is currently showing in a small gallery open in Shoreditch named Tony’s Gallery; when I say small I mean it consists of one room. Her art is immediately fascinating… Continue reading

50 Second Single Reviews: Planningtorock – The One

Planningtorock is a female singer. You wouldn’t guess this from her press shots, singing style and album artworks though; she wears a vast amount of makeup, including a prosthetic nose, that makes her look… Continue reading

Willis Earl Beal

I’ve had a few surreal music-related experiences in my life, the kind of moments when you stop and suddenly think ‘this is happening to me???’ but typically they consist of being tweeted by… Continue reading