Business-talk for “piss off”

Flipcamera’s were pretty neat; hd video cameras that weren’t that expensive and allowed easy video-editing. Best thing for me was that if you caught someone’s face in a video for even a split… Continue reading

Jane Eyre

I really don’t like this book very much. I’m having to study it for English Literature alevelĀ (anyone who thinks, as I did, they can just wing English alevel like you can for GCSE,… Continue reading

A conversation I enjoyed hearing

I recently saw Arcade Fire at Hyde Park live. They were very good, iĀ had an interesting experience, but anyway, screwdat, I’m not writing a review here. (actually, I think I might start publishing… Continue reading

Where the blog name comes from

Growing up is difficult to understand. You keep on maturing and changing, the person you are twists and re-shapes and evolves, until the inner core of Will Soer aged 5 years old (I’m… Continue reading